Nearby surroundings

Behind our B&B you can find a forest that connects you to the Rotte, the river where the city of Rotterdam originated. This recreational area called ‘The Rottemeren’ is ideal for cycling, walking, rowing, skating, horse-riding and outdoor activities like climbing and mountain biking. Take a look at the website of Outdoor Valley. In this area you can also find some well maintained, typically Dutch windmills. Also close by is a spa, Art centre Artihove and a museum for old tractors.

There are two riding-schools nearby if you like horse-riding. There is also a car-rental in case you need a car for a day. Just a five-minute-walk. They are happy to provide you with a car.

Nearby cities:
Rotterdam: (7,5 km, 16 minutes by car): Europe’s biggest port, state of the art architecture (Train station, Market hall, Erasmusbridge en much more), museums in ‘Museumpark’, shopping and great food and drinks. For more information:

Delft: (17km, 22 minutes by car): Historical city centre, canals, Delftware, student city, shopping, Vermeer, markets. For more information:

Gouda: ( 21.8 km, 25 minutes by car) Historical city centre, canals, St Jan’s church with its famous glass stained windows, markets, Gouda cheese, shopping. For more information:

Amsterdam: 75 km, one hour by car.

Public transport

Public transport right in front of the door. Bus route 174 will take you to the Rotterdam city centre within 20 minutes.


Transportservice: between 07:00 and 22:00. From and to: Rotterdam-the Hague Airport / Subway to Rotterdam or The Hague / Trainstations Rotterdam Central Station / Rotterdam Noord Station / Rotterdam Alexander Station. €10,- single ride.

Free Parking

You can park your car for free at our house.

Bike Rental

You can rent two 21 speed bikes. These bikes are available for €7,50 a day. Our address is located close to multiple cycling routes north of Rotterdam.


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